Adrian Quintanilla, MS
Adrian Quintanilla, MS
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years experience working for companies in the education, healthcare, supplement and consumer electronics industries.

I received my masters in Graphic Information Technology from ASU Polytechnic in 2010. My experience has taught me the need for professional eye-catching creative designs with the restrictions of established deadlines and financial limitations.

While at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM), I maintained their websites and social media networks in parallel with their internal and external users’ needs.

At Ingram Micro, I helped prototype an internal mobile website for Additionally, I wireframed and designed eBay storefronts for Motorola and Sharp corporation.

My main duties at ImageCraft were engaging other stake holders throughout all stages of planning and production, ensuring it was completed in phases and could be meet senior expectations. I was proactive and designed the company’s website to illustrate the array of unique services the company had to offer, all the while setting up the back end of the site to be as user-friendly as possible for the Vice President of Marketing to make content updates as needed.

Working at Quantum Wellness I used AGILE methodologies to create low-fidelity sketches on paper, whiteboards and collaborative tools to complete two visually appealing websites. I installed user tracking on the sites to analyze user behavior and research insights on how to improve the overall user experience. We have had weekly teleconference meetings where I have a lead in communicating with a multidisciplinary team to provide customer-focused content to increase engagement, site conversions and eCommerce revenue. Through email and Google analytics I identified typical customer needs and have crafted user personas. I continually seek out ways to increase efficiency and maximize project profitability.

Outside of work I enjoy helping new doctors develop marketing and branding strategies to create a successful medical practice.

My children are my life, I love truly enjoy spending time with them while they learn and grow from little creatures roaming the house to full adults.