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Worked with Adrian at a medical school in Tempe. He has always been respectful, intelligent, thoughtful and darn good at his job. Anyone who hires him will get a top notch worker with a really pleasant personality. You can’t beat that combination!

Dr Mona Morstein , Owner of Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions

As a former co-worker Adrian and I have remained friends for several years now. He is a respectful and talented young man who knows and understands the world of graphics. He is my go-to man for any graphically minded job!

Debra Buehler, MA, Executive Project Manager, Confidential GSA contractor

I have had the pleasure to work closely with Adrian for several years. There is no doubt they are experts in their field and will continue to gain knowledge and stay current with new technology. Adrian is professional and sincere with all coworkers and within the Natural healing community. I have learned a great deal from him. If the opportunity arose to work with them again, I would gladly take their offer.

Linda Brozewicz, Data/Assessment Manager, Arizona School of Health Sciences

Adrian is very creative, good at problem solving, and has strong attention to detail. When he worked on any project I knew it would get done on time. I would recommend using his services for web design, graphic design and web-related projects.

Amy Sharman, Director of Marketing & Communications, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences

I have been privileged to work with Adrian on many projects. I have found him to be consistently professional and skilled in all that he does. I would highly recommend him for consideration.

Dr. Alan Christianson, Owner of Marketing & Communications, Owner of Integrative Healthcare

Adrian took me through the process of setting up a website step but step and explained things so I could manage it own my own (which was helpful for my budget!) He is incredibly knowledgeable about the field of marketing but also very knowledgeable about Naturopathic Medicine and other alternative therapies. This is invaluable when it comes to marketing! Thanks Adrian for helping me get my practice up and running.

Dr. Kelly Bender, Owner of KbHeathy

Adrian worked at the ASU Print & Imaging Lab and received hands-on training while finishing his masters degree. He gained the skills to work well with others and provide excellent customer service. There is not a doubt in my mind that he will work hard and continue to learn and grow with any project or position.

Cathy Skoglund, Manager of Operations & Business Development, ASU Print & Imaging Lab

It has always been a pleasure working with AdrianQ on projects. They are always eager to learn and apply what has been learned into breaking pass the envelope. This passion for continuous need to excel is what drives their skill base in several areas of the graphic arts, also including motion graphics.

Nana Poku, Co-Founder, CAMOG LLC

I had the pleasure of working with AdrianQ on an annual publication, and I could always count on them for fast turnarounds and guidance on how to make it an even better document. AdrianQ was also great about teaching me shortcuts for the software I was using, saving time and effort on my end.

Pauline Caporaletti, Associate Registrar, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences

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